Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let's Catch Up

A Firefighter' Flame released with a bang! Thank you to everyone for all of the support. I am sorry I have been MIA on here. I promise to be more active because, let's be honest, facebook isn't what it used to be. I have started a newsletter that you can subscribe to and I am in the process of working on bi- weekly newsletters to keep you up-to-date on sales, giveaways, releases, events/signings, and WIPs. I will also be adding a Q & A section on the blog, so I can answer all of your questions.


I am excited to announce that I will be completing my post-grad education on May 16th and will be taking a year to focus on writing and really building my brand.

2014 Signings

I registered for many signings across the country and then quickly realized that wasn't the path I wanted to take just yet. Traveling is VERY expensive and I feel like that time and money can be better spent on promotion and building my reader base. I have also made a promise to myself that I will NOT be affiliated with any signings that include repeat MEAN GIRL offenders and signings that becoming more about who you know rather than based on your brand and positive presence in the book world. I really feel strongly about this with the surge in bullying and mean girl behavior. With that said, here are the only signings I am confirmed for this year.

UtopYA ( Nashville, TN
June 20th 6pm-9pm
Table location: Area 51.5, Table 53 sharing with Tijan

Sin with the Saints (
Park City, UT
August 2, 2014

Authors on the Coast Long Beach, CA
August 23rd 10:30am-2:30pm
Location: Hotel Maya


Dreams: The Life of Arie series, book 2 (expected publication October 2014)
Untitled NA Vampire series, book 1 (expected publication Winter 2015)

I don't think I have any other updates right now. I will always try to be accessible to my readers, so feel free to email or message me any time.


Saturday, January 4, 2014


I have an official website!!!

A Firefighter's Flame cover reveal is on January 13th! Official book release date coming soon!

Special News:

Exclusive scenes for REALITY will be included in an amazing compilation book supporting breast cancer awareness. If you want to know more about how Arie's parents met and more about the world she was born into you won't want to miss this purchase. Plus, you're donating to a good cause. Expected release date is early Feb. 2014.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Official Press Release 

Bestselling authors Tess Oliver, Michael Siemsen, Renee Carlino, C.D. Reiss, Melissa Schroeder, P.G. Forte, Shayne McClendon, T.K. Leigh, and many up and coming Indie authors, hosted by author S.C. Ellington and Dani Hart supporting the Hope for Hazel charity. 

Los Angeles, CA (December 9, 2013) On Saturday, March 22nd, S.C. Ellington and Dani Hart will present the first annual Authors Under the Lights, a multi-genre book signing event designed to bring indie authors and readers together to support a charitable cause. This year is devoted to Hope for Hazel. Hazel is a local three year old girl who was diagnosed in the last year with stage 3 Neuroblastoma. You can read about her and her family’s heartbreaking and touching story and make donations at More information on the event can be found at

“We started this amazing annual event to celebrate the hard work and struggles of authors in the self- publishing world and to give back to the community at the same time. We chose this particular charity because I know the family and wanted to be able to help in any way I could. While raising money seems so inadequate in comparison to what they are going through it’s something,” states Dani Hart, a self-published indie author. Dani can be found at S.C. Ellington can be found at

About Authors Under the Lights 2014
Limited tickets will be sold for the Book Signing and the Model Madness Party. At the book signing readers and fans will get the chance to meet and take pictures with their favorite indie authors, get their books signed, as well as take pictures with many of the cover models featured on and in the books. There will also be a raffle giveaway with amazing prizes donated by the authors and sponsors to raise money for the charity. A silent Model Auction will be featured at the book signing where bidders get the chance to bid on attending a VIP dinner with the models and their authors after the book signing to raise money for the charity. Tickets can be purchased at

Authors Under the Lights

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Want to meet some AWESOME authors and help an AMAZING cause?! Sure you do! Check out this amazing book signing charity event for HOPE FOR HAZEL!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I am going to start running giveaways in the group below. They will be in reference to REALITY, so join the group now and read it now so you don't miss out! Prizes will include gift cards, signed paperbacks, and swag. First one will be soon! I'll give you a chance to read Reality this week before I start!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reality Excerpt

If you haven't bought my book yet this is what you're missing! GO GET YOU RIVER & ASHE ON!

“I don’t know what it was about today, but I was starting to feel alive again. My body was responding in ways it never had before. I let him hold me for what seemed like an eternity. Time turned into hours rather than minutes and my breathing became irregular. My vision turned crisp and clear among the darkness and shadows of night. River turned me around and touched my face gently. His fingertips caused electric shocks to pass over my skin. I closed my eyes and let the chill of the night be swallowed by the heat generating between us. I could hear the creatures of the night dancing across the broken fall leaves on the ground and the hoots of owls that filled the tree lines. I swear I could even hear the whisper of baby birds being tucked into their nests. All of my senses seemed to be heightened and I was enjoying every moment of it. A soft pressure pushed on my lips and I could taste the sweetness of River. The tingle on my lips erupted into explosions as I responded desperately. The passion between us rose by the second as if our bodies had been waiting an eternity for us to kiss again. His hands crawled down my back increasing the intensity of the moment. My hands had become limp in the embrace, but now came alive and found his face and locks of hair. I felt more alive in this moment then I had in years. I wanted more! River pushed me up against the car as the desperation in our kiss intensified. And then it was quiet. The rustling of the leaves stopped, the owls went silent, and the quiet whispers of the birds ceased.” ~Reality

Sunday, September 22, 2013


OMG! Such a great thing to wake up and see that these links are LIVE!!! (having issues with kobo and iBooks, but working on it). Please don't forget to post, at the very least, a rating of my book on all sites. This supports authors by keeping their books visible on the recommendation lists. Love all of your support! Feel free to tweet (@authordanihart) me how you liked Arie's story! xo




Friday, September 20, 2013

Discussion Group

I have created an official group for THE LIFE OF ARIE series where all my fans can discuss the book(s) openly and freely! Please see the pinned post before posting.

I can't wait to answer questions and be a part of the discussions!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Publishing for the first time is an amazing, scary, and exhilarating feeling! I imagine you might see this post in your feed and just keep scrolling, but whether a book is good, bad or indifferent it's an amazing accomplishment for any author who has put their heart and soul into it. So I say kudos to all authors who have put themselves out there for the world to judge and you will always have my support for your bravery and confidence! I love all of you guys, including the readers who make us want to create! Thank you for your support, love, and loyalty! xo

I am a total rookie and publishing on 5 sites that all have different time frames (12-72 hrs) for uploading, so I started the process tonight. Who knows when this stuff will go live...LOL! I promise I will post as soon as I see LIVE links. If you see it first then feel free to private message me. I did activate paperback orders through Amazon, but that takes longer to go live than ebooks. If you want both I would wait for the paperback because I have it set to discount the ebook if bought together :-).

Monday, July 1, 2013

Book 1 Progress

I am in the home stretch of the rough draft! Yay! All of my beta readers have given it a solid 5 stars, so far! It will be off to the editor at the end of the month for a last look edit and formatting for publication.

My cover reveal is scheduled for July 22nd and hosted by Ena at They can also be found on facebook at My amazing original artwork is by Nosim. She can be found at My digital artist is as equally talented and can be found at

And I am so excited to announce that Paranormal Book Club will be hosting my blog tour set for Sept. 23-Oct. 4 (weekdays only). They will be sending out emails soon for sign ups. They can be found at and

The support I have received being an unknown indie author is absolutely amazing! Thank you all so much!!!


Sunday, May 12, 2013



I will be releasing a Young Adult version and a New Adult version.

The Life of Arie Series:
This story has manifested into a series of books following the journey of Arie as her life and world changes after the death of her mom and the introduction of an unexpected love triangle.
Reality (Book 1): Release September 2013 
Add to your WANT TO READ/TBR list now!
Arie slowly discovers she's more different then she could have ever imagined and that love exists on more then one level and reality.  As her journey of discovery begins, more questions then answers arise.