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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rookie Mistakes: Part I

Live & Learn

I have a confession. When I emerged into this world so sweetly known as the BOOK WORLD, I was naive and made a ton of rookie mistakes. A ton! I am going to list a few of them in a moment in hopes that maybe someone will learn from my mistakes before embarking on their own. But real quick I want to thank everyone who has stuck by me and politely messaged me letting me know if something is in "bad form" rather than rallying the troops against me. I think it's a really endearing trait to have the strength to recognize someone is making a mistake that could hurt them and their brand and reach out to them in a non-confrontational way to guide them and help them navigate around making similar mistakes in the future. So again, I thank those of you who have done that for me and others.

Rookie Mistake #1
This one is huge in the AUTHOR COMMUNITY. Asking someone to share an upcoming release and/or cover reveal. Oh man, did I get hammered hard for this one! And not in a nice way. Unfortunately, I was berated publicly in an author group of really well-known authors about my bad form. I was obviously devastated because I had no idea that sending a message and a mass email was a big no-no. "Once is enough," I was told. Here I thought I was covering all my bases, but instead was stepping on toes. My bad! Live & Learn. However, what I don't agree with here is the public humiliation I was served. This could have been one of those great reaching out moments IN PRIVATE. Not only would that person have scored good karma points, but they also wouldn't have made them self look like a bully in the process.

Rookie Mistake #2
This one is hard for me to admit as a mistake because it's just who I am, but I have seen a few authors shy away from me because of it, so I must be doing something wrong, right? Being over-friendly. I am a walking contradiction. Why you ask? Because I'm super social but I'm also the biggest hermit in the world. I rarely leave my house accept between drop-off and pick-up. My hubby even does the grocery shopping! BUT I love connecting with people, whether it be business or personal. Well, to tell you the truth the business level is meh, which is part of this rookie mistake. I have SLOWLY realized that there are just some authors who don't want to connect outside of business (or are too busy) and my over-friendly-I-want-to-get-to-know-you personality hasn't fared well with those people to the point that they answer me with one word responses or even worst, a "sticker" comment. So, I slink away from my computer screen and have a glass of wine. Live & Learn. Know when friendly is TOO friendly.

Rookie Mistake #3
Expecting too much! This is HUGE! I had the biggest adrenaline rush with my first release and damn was I disappointed. I think a lot of it has to do with how much money I put into giveaways, promotions, etc. Also, that false sense of hope that you get (or used to get when you could "reach" everyone on social media) that EVERYONE who likes your page or sees your book release promo WILL BUY YOUR BOOK. *shakes head in shame*. Live & Learn. Likes on Facebook do NOT equal book sales. Followers on Instagram and Twitter do NOT equal book sales. What does equal book sales is, wait for it -----------> HARD WORK, DETERMINATION, and NEVER GIVING UP! Phew, that was a lot. I'll admit though, I have given up a little bit, but mainly on my commitment to social media and promotion. SOCIAL. MEDIA. IS. EXHAUSTING. And it takes time away from me writing and being mommy (ok and wifey...sigh!).

Stay tuned for Rookie Mistakes Part II...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Blogger Sign-Ups

If you are a blogger and would like to review an ARC of Forgotten Treasures: A Second Chance Novel, please follow the link. And thank you. xoxo

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2015

2014 was full of many challenges, triumphs, and heartbreak. I hit lows I had never hit and highs I wish I could hit more often. The things that make me who I am are not always easy to deal with and I realize the ones that keep me the most grounded are the ones I tend to push away the most. I am making a lot of personal changes, which I hinted to in recent months and with social media not being the forefront of interaction anymore I will be scaling back on it. I announced many moons ago that I have bi-polar and my book A FIREFIGHTER’S FLAME encompasses a lot of the struggles I have already faced and really the struggle I face and my loved ones face every day. I never know how I am going to wake up in the morning, whether I am going to have a good day or a bad day (mentally and emotionally speaking). Being in a business such as the author life (theatre life back in my younger years) makes my already challenging mental state even more volatile, so I have to always be attentive to how I take things and I react to situations, which is why you NEVER see negative posts from me because, trust me, my rants would not be pretty (LOL). Before every post or even before any words I speak I have to really assess to make sure I am being heard in the way I want to be. It’s exhausting, especially now that I am publishing, but it’s manageable and I really love writing.

WRITING is just a way of life for me. It always has been. I only recently brought it public in late 2013. I have met amazing people in the process and, like in the real world, some not so amazing people, but tis life. I just brush it off. While there are a few I’ve lost that make me reflect on why, I can’t change it or how they feel about me so I don’t ponder it much. It’s funny because so many people advise on building relationships with other authors, but I think that can also backfire with professional lines crossing into personal and feelings being hurt. The relationships I build with authors are strictly personal at this point. If you’re an author and I chat with you it’s because I genuinely like you and want that personal friendship. The professional relationships were too tricky for me to balance and my sensitive nature and mental imbalance couldn’t manage the stress from it, so I put less focus on those and while I know that’s stupid from a business stand point, I just couldn’t do it anymore. That was my first big change.

PUBLISHING is just a natural state of being for my finished works now, no longer hidden in my notebooks (or on my computer). However, I stopped putting deadlines on myself which is why I may not announce release dates until right before. It also means that I will always be writing but I won’t commit to a numbers game for the year as far as how many books I will publish. “I write what my heart sings” has always been my personal motto so what I release next will be a surprise to me too. I won’t force anything nor feel pressure to release another book in a series if it’s not singing to me. That’s the professional in me and really, the artist too. My work has to be natural and organic and I think that’s why those who love my books will always be thankful. I am an unconventional writer with fresh twists on story lines and a unique writing style. I don’t think I will ever hit the big time because my work is pretty non-commercial and not the same recycled stuff that loyal readers find comforting, but I think I have finally made peace with that. These are for me more than anything and while I’d love to contribute monetarily to my family I don’t have to with my writing. I have other avenues for that. I know there’s a market for my work and whether it's small or large I will continue to hold true to my unconventional roots.

STAYING IN TOUCH with me will be more through my blog posts and newsletters. I get silly on Instagram, but the other media sites have become a little too much for me and with no interaction I feel like I’m talking to the internet airwaves anyway. I will ALWAYS send out newsletters with big announcements, sales, etc. and NEVER abuse it for superfluous promotion. I only send out about one a month, so it’s never overwhelming. My blog posts are created in the moment, so they aren’t on a regular cycle, but they will be filled with heartfelt messages like this or sales, release, etc.

THANK YOU for taking a ride with me through my dreams and I hope I continue to live up to your expectations as not only an author, but as a good and positive person who values your friendship and support.

MY NEWEST RELEASE is Forgotten Treasures: A Second Chance new adult stand-alone romance novel that promises to take you on a tragically beautiful journey. I have two other companion novels planned with this novel, but no promises and no hints on what although you may be able to figure it out. You can follow the link below to read more about it and add it to your TBR. My newsletter links are below, as well.

xo Dani xo

P.S. My website is almost done with its renovation.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

16 New Adult Stories from 16 of your favorite New Adult Authors
Very Limited Time (2 weeks only)
B & N:
Featuring MY UNEXPECTED FOREVER by USA and NYT Bestselling Author Heidi McLaughlin
They say you should expect the unexpected, I didn't realize my unexpected would be the forever kind.

FOR EVERLY by Raine Thomas
The last thing physical therapy student Everly Wallace wants is a relationship, but when she’s roped into working with sexy Major League pitcher Cole Parker, she’ll discover that it just might be the one thing she needs.

INDELIBLE by Bethany Lopez
Sam's a single mom, working her way through college while raising her toddler. Judd's a college baseball player, who on the outside, looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. Can two people at different stages in their life find a way to make a life together?

TATTOOED DOTS by Kimberly Knight
Brooke and Easton learn that people are brought into their lives for many reasons. Over time, they find out what those reasons are. Some are to be a temporary acquaintance while others are there for life.

MANGLED HEARTS by Felicia Tatum
Can two loves find their way back to each other despite an addiction and a hardened heart, allowing
their love to overcome it all? Can these mangled hearts be mended?

BREAKDOWN by Amanda Lance
After Charlotte Ferro's suicide attempt is ruined by a handsome do-gooder he introduces her to a world of fast cars and cool criminals. But can their new found friendship survive the secrets of their past?

MAVERICK by Anna Cruise
International surf sensation Kellen Handler has it all – fame and fortune and more women than he can
count – but he's riding his own personal wave toward disaster. Can PR genius Gina Bellori rescue his
reputation...and his heart?

DO ANYTHING by Wendy Owens
A broken heart is only the beginning for her. He thinks he has his life figured out. Will they risk their
hearts on a new chance at love?

RESIST ME by A.O. Peart
Ethan, a former-Marine-turned-firefighter, has never really cared for any woman, while living his life to the fullest and enjoying the bad boy stigma. Until the street-smart Lisbeth comes along, and instantly turns Ethan’s world upside down, making him want to protect her, no matter the consequences.

THE MAN TEST by Amanda Aksel
Couple therapist Marin Johns tries to prove that all men are liars and cheaters by beginning a fictitious relationship. Will her new "boyfriend" be the statistic or will Marin regret the satisfaction of being right?

A RISK WORTH TAKING by Heather Hildenbrand
For college grad, Summer Stafford, watching her parents’ divorce has taught her that, above all, love is a risk. For a drifter like Ford O’Neal, love isn’t just a risk, it isn’t even on the table. But attraction quickly leads to something more and they are both forced to realize they’re risking a whole lot for a summer fling.

Nineteen-year-old Karma points is cursed. Cursed with a ridiculous name, self-esteem issues and the
inability to lose her virginity. That is until Jax, the tattooed bouncer, comes into the picture.

THE FALL OF SKY (PART ONE) by Alexia Purdy
Singing duo Audrey and Liv Westing hope to be discovered as the next big thing. While fumbling through their turbulent existences, they attract the eye of a deadly but powerful Cartel family.


If you dig into the deepest parts of your soul, what would you find? Happiness,pain, love, regret, peace, sorrow? Follow Lennox's journey of rediscovery, falling in love, and searching for her own fairy-tale ending.

One moment can change your life forever.
One moment to find love.
One moment to lose it.

A cowboy with a mysterious past. A ranch princess with an eye for the one she can’t have. What
happens when their two world collides one weekend in a snowstorm?

Friday, December 5, 2014

New Year = Changes

It doesn't have to be a new year to make changes in our lives,  but it seems to be a great catalyst. For me it's my birthday just before, so every year older I reflect on the year passed. I am very happy with what I have accomplished and how I accomplished it. I have made great friends, learned a lot, and most importantly discovered what was important to me and what I needed and didn't need. I think a lot of us go into the publishing world completely blind with adrenalized excitement and then slowly (or quickly?) realize how hard it actually is to connect with readers and network with cohorts. Some jaded by disappointment while others seem to soar with success. I don't know where I am at on that scale to be honest. Definitely not soaring to success or even close to it, but I'm not sure how much that really matters to me anymore. The readers that have taken a chance on me have vindicated that I was meant to write stories no matter how few people actually read them and it's satisfying a big part of something I needed to do to feel fulfilled as a person. My only regret is how reckless I was with my time and how little pay off it actually produced. I guess how much money I spent would be a huge regret too, but none of this I can change nor will I sit here and dwell on it. All I can do is change. So here it is...

I am officially letting go of Authors Under the Lights (AUTL) after 2015. I had planned on doing a 2016 and even toyed with the idea of starting a Utah one when I moved out there, but the time I have sacrificed has been too great. Plus, the behind the scenes stuff and the politics isn't really my thing. I get that in every business you have to do your time and kiss some ass (even if that ass is dirty), but I don't like being at the top of something (no matter how small) and feeling like people think they have to kiss up to me to get something. I cherish real friendships and the rest doesn't matter to me. So I'm really sorry if anyone is disappointed by this, but there are so many fabulous people hosting signings these days that I know every author will find one to attend.

As far as my author career (?)... I LOVE it! I'll never stop, but you won't see me on social media as much, but you can ALWAYS reach out to me via email and private messaging and I will respond. I love interacting and building friendships. A great way to stay up to date with current releases, sales, teasers, etc. is just by signing up for my newsletter That way if you're not into stalking pages and websites it'll be delivered straight to your inbox. I listed those links below.

My website is being renovated right now to accommodate the two divisions, YOUTH and ADULT and as soon as I can get on there I will update all my WIPs and appearances. Appearances for me will be limited and selective based on the genres being represented, but if there's a demand for me in a particular area I will do my best to add it to my itinerary at some point. I will also do my best to make regular blog posts as my way of staying in touch with the readers.

Thank you to everyone who has believed in me and I hope you will continue to support my work in 2015.

D. Hart Adult Books NEWSLETTER:
Dani Hart Youth Books NEWSLETTER:

Monday, December 1, 2014


So many things have crossed my mind this past year. I feel so blessed that I finally had the courage to follow the only dream I have ever had, but at the same time it's been the hardest dream to chase. Social media made the indies of 2012 and 2013 the success they are today. Facebook had a lot to do with that success. Unfortunately, times are always changing and I came in at the beginning of the evolution of social media into big business. It saddens me to think had I just started a year earlier that I might have reached more readers. That my stories might be out there more for others to enjoy as much as I had writing them. However, I can't change the way of the world nor will I dwell on it, but I also have to evolve with it. Being on a strict budget rolling into year two of my publishing life I can't afford to boost posts that still aren't seen by the readers I want to reach. If I thought I was reaching my intended audience I would shift focus in that direction for marketing, but it's just not the case. With my business evolution I am considering getting rid of my PAGES on Facebook and only keeping my profile for the purpose of connecting with readers via private message and groups. I just don't see a purpose for the PAGES anymore, not without a big pocket book and that's still questionable. I want to focus my time on writing and actually reaching the readers where they are at, which I have found is on WattPad, Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter. Marketing takes at least 50% of an author's time and I want that time to be well spent. I know I will be making a lot more changes in the new year, but you can always count on my website and blog for UP TO DATE information on releases, sales, teasers, etc. My website is under construction right now and should be ready by the new year. While there are many things that have disenchanted me in this business, there are still so many things that inspire the hell out of me and I will never quit writing. NEVER. It's ingrained in my DNA and that can't be changed. I hope I will always have your support and you will always be able to find me when you're looking. xoxo

Monday, November 17, 2014

Forgotten Treasures: A Second Chance Novel by D. Hart
Contemporary (18+ audience)

In the aftermath of destruction, hearts were destroyed, strengths were stripped, and vulnerabilities were exposed.

A community was ripped apart after a tragic accident, and the loss hit one family particularly hard as it claimed the lives of three, leaving only one surviving member to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Baylor’s life was wiped clean in the blink of an eye. No family, no home, no name. That is, until she met Brandt. He took a chance, giving her hope and a reason to start over. A reason to rebuild a life full of forgotten memories. A reason to trust. A reason to love.

Finding love in all the right places should be easy, but when truths are revealed, it's anything but. Brandt will help her rediscover the true meaning of unconditional eternal love that will prove painful, life altering, and redeeming.

Together, they will try to face the future and will use each other’s strengths to learn how to live again. Can they rewrite history, or in the end, will the tragedies of their pasts be too much?


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Everyone Has a Story

And here's mine...

I am a very honest, but very quiet person when it comes to the demons in my head. I always try to put my best foot forward, especially in public. It's one of the hardest struggles of my every day life. Waking up and putting on my suit of armor for my husband, kids, family, and friends comes at a cost to myself but something I need to do... for them.

Growing up I always felt isolated. I would make friends and then lose them without reason. I always felt like an outsider looking in at a happy life just beyond my reach. How could this be normal for a child? How did I even know what depression was? I was still too young. I was still innocent. But my mind wasn't. It was riddled with fear, pain, sadness, and on rare occasions, complete bliss. My favorite memories are of watching the sunrise and set albeit I was alone, but it was just so damn beautiful and peaceful and it made my mind quiet for just a few minutes. And then at the same time it would break my freakin heart. This was the daily cycle of my life. I don't know it any different. I feel more than "normal" people feel. Mean words don't just cut me, they break me. Love lifts me up and then crushes me to the point where I don't think I can breathe anymore.

And then there are my dreams...

I took solace in writing at the youngest of ages. I peeked back at my diaries a while back (one from 1987) and it nearly broke me. I was ten years old and I hated my life. I hated myself. At ten. The things I wrote were so sad and dark. It made me realize I am never going to change. I'm never going to feel like normal minds because mine was never normal. My behaviors might change, but to the very core of me I was not normal.

My writing evolved into poetry, always dark in nature, but so freakin beautiful. At least to me. It helped me express what I couldn't say. I still lacked solid friendships, but I had my words and it kept me grounded in some way. It kept me here. 

I found another avenue that helped me feel "better". Acting. I loved it. Everything about it. I could put all of my pain into an amazing performance and still hide who I was. I devoured it. I wrote plays and put all of me into my passion. Into MY dream. I was going to do this for the rest of my life. Act and write and try to be happy. I transferred to USC, enrolled in the theatre department and took writing classes on the side. I found a talent agent, I went on auditions, I filmed shorts, almost booked a pilot... I was trying. I was ignoring the voices in my head that said I would fail. That I couldn't. I worked my ass off at school during the day, auditions in between, and waiting tables at night. I was living the dream, only after the years drifted by I wasn't living the dream. I was struggling. Every rejection cutting me down. A few inappropriate propositions later I realized I wasn't strong enough. I didn't have it in me to be what I needed to be to make it. I was broken. I left the industry, retreating to to solace and isolation of my younger years. I finished my degree, got married, had kids, and abandoned all hopes of a dream come true.

Ignoring my dreams, my passion, chisled away at my sanity slowly over the years. I should be happy. I was blessed with a man who loves me more than he should and 2 completely healthy children, which not everyone can say. I was lucky. So then why do I still feel so damaged? Again, I was the little girl looking at the world from a different view wondering why the smiles I have can't be real. Why I can't feel happy rather than just pretend to be.

Take Two...

After 10 years I finally went back to the voices in my head. I started writing again. My passion reignited with the first word written and then the dream again. I dumped my soul into my story. I lined up my marketing strategies. I handed out my money like candy on Halloween night. This was going to happen. This time I would see my dream realized. This would happen. I wouldn't give up because people would finally see me. I wouldn't be on the outside anymore. People would know me.

I'm writing this because I tried. I invested my heart, my soul, my money, my friendships, all of me into this. Into my writing. Into my ONLY dream. I'm not an overnight success. In the book world I'm still considered a nothing. My sales are obsolete, my following small. But I'm here. I feel like stealing the internet microphone and screaming "I'm freakin here. Just see me. Give me a chance." But I'm still waiting. I'm still writing. And I'm still struggling daily. Still trying to understand why I would be given such a deep passion for something for it to fall flat. To chase a dream for over 20 years and still be screaming, "Just see me". I write this because I'm still here. I'm still trying. And I won't give up even if the world has given up on me.

I'm still here.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Book Trailer

The official BOOK TRAILER for...

The Arie Chronicles

You Tube

Saturday, October 25, 2014

5 Days Until Release Day


Read the series that everyone is calling ORIGINAL! (buy links below)

"A truly remarkable piece of literature. A powerful, thought-provoking read that leaves the reader in wonder." ~Julie S. (Amazon reviewer).

"This is a fantastic and clean love story with mystery, danger, and adventure for anyone 13+. Definitely not your typical paranormal read it is unique and refreshing and I can't wait to read the next installment!!!" ~Anonymous Amazon Customer

"This book was simply amazing. It brings to life the books of childhood fae in so many ways... a 5 STAR read from start to finish" ~Random Musesomy (Amazon reviewer)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

DREAMS Cover Reveal

Releases October 30th



Read the series that everyone is calling ORIGINAL! (buy links below)

"A truly remarkable piece of literature. A powerful, thought-provoking read that leaves the reader in wonder." ~Julie S. (Amazon reviewer).

"This is a fantastic and clean love story with mystery, danger, and adventure for anyone 13+. Definitely not your typical paranormal read it is unique and refreshing and I can't wait to read the next installment!!!" ~Anonymous Amazon Customer

"This book was simply amazing. It brings to life the books of childhood fae in so many ways... a 5 STAR read from start to finish" ~Random Musesomy (Amazon reviewer)

REALITY (book 1) $0.99 (reg. $3.99)

DREAMS (book 2) Pre-order $2.99 (reg. $3.99)

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Pre-order Sale

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