Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rookie Mistakes: Part I

Live & Learn

I have a confession. When I emerged into this world so sweetly known as the BOOK WORLD, I was naive and made a ton of rookie mistakes. A ton! I am going to list a few of them in a moment in hopes that maybe someone will learn from my mistakes before embarking on their own. But real quick I want to thank everyone who has stuck by me and politely messaged me letting me know if something is in "bad form" rather than rallying the troops against me. I think it's a really endearing trait to have the strength to recognize someone is making a mistake that could hurt them and their brand and reach out to them in a non-confrontational way to guide them and help them navigate around making similar mistakes in the future. So again, I thank those of you who have done that for me and others.

Rookie Mistake #1
This one is huge in the AUTHOR COMMUNITY. Asking someone to share an upcoming release and/or cover reveal. Oh man, did I get hammered hard for this one! And not in a nice way. Unfortunately, I was berated publicly in an author group of really well-known authors about my bad form. I was obviously devastated because I had no idea that sending a message and a mass email was a big no-no. "Once is enough," I was told. Here I thought I was covering all my bases, but instead was stepping on toes. My bad! Live & Learn. However, what I don't agree with here is the public humiliation I was served. This could have been one of those great reaching out moments IN PRIVATE. Not only would that person have scored good karma points, but they also wouldn't have made them self look like a bully in the process.

Rookie Mistake #2
This one is hard for me to admit as a mistake because it's just who I am, but I have seen a few authors shy away from me because of it, so I must be doing something wrong, right? Being over-friendly. I am a walking contradiction. Why you ask? Because I'm super social but I'm also the biggest hermit in the world. I rarely leave my house accept between drop-off and pick-up. My hubby even does the grocery shopping! BUT I love connecting with people, whether it be business or personal. Well, to tell you the truth the business level is meh, which is part of this rookie mistake. I have SLOWLY realized that there are just some authors who don't want to connect outside of business (or are too busy) and my over-friendly-I-want-to-get-to-know-you personality hasn't fared well with those people to the point that they answer me with one word responses or even worst, a "sticker" comment. So, I slink away from my computer screen and have a glass of wine. Live & Learn. Know when friendly is TOO friendly.

Rookie Mistake #3
Expecting too much! This is HUGE! I had the biggest adrenaline rush with my first release and damn was I disappointed. I think a lot of it has to do with how much money I put into giveaways, promotions, etc. Also, that false sense of hope that you get (or used to get when you could "reach" everyone on social media) that EVERYONE who likes your page or sees your book release promo WILL BUY YOUR BOOK. *shakes head in shame*. Live & Learn. Likes on Facebook do NOT equal book sales. Followers on Instagram and Twitter do NOT equal book sales. What does equal book sales is, wait for it -----------> HARD WORK, DETERMINATION, and NEVER GIVING UP! Phew, that was a lot. I'll admit though, I have given up a little bit, but mainly on my commitment to social media and promotion. SOCIAL. MEDIA. IS. EXHAUSTING. And it takes time away from me writing and being mommy (ok and wifey...sigh!).

Stay tuned for Rookie Mistakes Part II...

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