Monday, December 1, 2014


So many things have crossed my mind this past year. I feel so blessed that I finally had the courage to follow the only dream I have ever had, but at the same time it's been the hardest dream to chase. Social media made the indies of 2012 and 2013 the success they are today. Facebook had a lot to do with that success. Unfortunately, times are always changing and I came in at the beginning of the evolution of social media into big business. It saddens me to think had I just started a year earlier that I might have reached more readers. That my stories might be out there more for others to enjoy as much as I had writing them. However, I can't change the way of the world nor will I dwell on it, but I also have to evolve with it. Being on a strict budget rolling into year two of my publishing life I can't afford to boost posts that still aren't seen by the readers I want to reach. If I thought I was reaching my intended audience I would shift focus in that direction for marketing, but it's just not the case. With my business evolution I am considering getting rid of my PAGES on Facebook and only keeping my profile for the purpose of connecting with readers via private message and groups. I just don't see a purpose for the PAGES anymore, not without a big pocket book and that's still questionable. I want to focus my time on writing and actually reaching the readers where they are at, which I have found is on WattPad, Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter. Marketing takes at least 50% of an author's time and I want that time to be well spent. I know I will be making a lot more changes in the new year, but you can always count on my website and blog for UP TO DATE information on releases, sales, teasers, etc. My website is under construction right now and should be ready by the new year. While there are many things that have disenchanted me in this business, there are still so many things that inspire the hell out of me and I will never quit writing. NEVER. It's ingrained in my DNA and that can't be changed. I hope I will always have your support and you will always be able to find me when you're looking. xoxo

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