Friday, December 5, 2014

New Year = Changes

It doesn't have to be a new year to make changes in our lives,  but it seems to be a great catalyst. For me it's my birthday just before, so every year older I reflect on the year passed. I am very happy with what I have accomplished and how I accomplished it. I have made great friends, learned a lot, and most importantly discovered what was important to me and what I needed and didn't need. I think a lot of us go into the publishing world completely blind with adrenalized excitement and then slowly (or quickly?) realize how hard it actually is to connect with readers and network with cohorts. Some jaded by disappointment while others seem to soar with success. I don't know where I am at on that scale to be honest. Definitely not soaring to success or even close to it, but I'm not sure how much that really matters to me anymore. The readers that have taken a chance on me have vindicated that I was meant to write stories no matter how few people actually read them and it's satisfying a big part of something I needed to do to feel fulfilled as a person. My only regret is how reckless I was with my time and how little pay off it actually produced. I guess how much money I spent would be a huge regret too, but none of this I can change nor will I sit here and dwell on it. All I can do is change. So here it is...

I am officially letting go of Authors Under the Lights (AUTL) after 2015. I had planned on doing a 2016 and even toyed with the idea of starting a Utah one when I moved out there, but the time I have sacrificed has been too great. Plus, the behind the scenes stuff and the politics isn't really my thing. I get that in every business you have to do your time and kiss some ass (even if that ass is dirty), but I don't like being at the top of something (no matter how small) and feeling like people think they have to kiss up to me to get something. I cherish real friendships and the rest doesn't matter to me. So I'm really sorry if anyone is disappointed by this, but there are so many fabulous people hosting signings these days that I know every author will find one to attend.

As far as my author career (?)... I LOVE it! I'll never stop, but you won't see me on social media as much, but you can ALWAYS reach out to me via email and private messaging and I will respond. I love interacting and building friendships. A great way to stay up to date with current releases, sales, teasers, etc. is just by signing up for my newsletter That way if you're not into stalking pages and websites it'll be delivered straight to your inbox. I listed those links below.

My website is being renovated right now to accommodate the two divisions, YOUTH and ADULT and as soon as I can get on there I will update all my WIPs and appearances. Appearances for me will be limited and selective based on the genres being represented, but if there's a demand for me in a particular area I will do my best to add it to my itinerary at some point. I will also do my best to make regular blog posts as my way of staying in touch with the readers.

Thank you to everyone who has believed in me and I hope you will continue to support my work in 2015.

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